No Other Way

“Oh, Gurudev I won’t be able to do this, I can’t climb this high”, I cried in exhaustion. “Of course, you can do this, I know this already, and you are going to acknowledge the same. You always wanted to go to Narayana Shila (a divine rock). Look at that top of this mountain, that…
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He was Looking

As a meticulous and rational science student, I would try to scrape for the logic behind everything. Barely 18, I had only recently become a spiritual seeker. Prior to that, I was a crude, scientific person who could not discover the integral consciousness of spirituality and science. In the beginning, believing in spirituality and science…
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Solo Soulo Queue

Am aware of the ‘ity’ of singularity,but beware of the ‘ism’ of the perceived-cue.Already know, it’s a uni-verseAm Ready, But no, what if I miss a few? ~ The source of sources is basically with-in,but with-out being thirsty for that morning-dew.Have been ‘here’ and ‘now’, for-ever..still unstill, and seeking some-thing new. ~ Finally, I found…
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