Arun Singh KRANTI

Atharva NLP LIFE COACH, Vedic ASTROLOGER, Palmist, Nadi Numerologist, Advanced Scientific Remedial Vastu Expert, Super-Conscious Healing Expert, Master of Vedic Rituals, Mantra Vidya – Yagya – Rudraksha Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, Success Mentor and Self-Researcher of all CURES using COSMIC ENERGIES.

Being the founder of ATHARVA NLP and SUPER-CONSCIOUS HEALING,  the purpose of Arun Singh Kranti’s life is to Awaken the Supreme Inner-Self of his readers, audience and clients. He inspires, encourages and  empowers people to achieve their personal and professional fulfilment  and fortune. He offers techniques for Total-Transformation. 

Arun keeps developing cures for most of the challenges of life. 

His aim is  human-development (sustaining the nature), building resourceful beliefs,  exploring secrets of life and maintaining a sense of contribution. 

Arun believes in the Super-Powers of Human MIND and the Power of BELIEF-SYSTEM. He values the self-perfection in each one of us that keeps enriching everyone. 

Arun has been helping and  empowering people from all fields like students, teachers, parents,  couples, sportspersons, corporate executives, healers, life-coaches and  individuals. Now he has started offering free wellness and empowerment  camps and workshops in various parts of India.

Arun’s writings are guided by Indian-Philosophy and Vedic School of thought.

To serve his purpose of life,  he works as a SUPREME LIFE GURU, NLP MASTER-MIND, Vedic ASTROLOGER,  Palmist, Numerologist, Advanced Scientific Remedial Vastu Expert,  Spiritual Healer, Inspirational Speaker, Success Mentor and a learner of  all CURES using COSMIC ENERGIES.

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