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Hope Creator

Arun Singh Kranti is a Spiritual NLP LIFE Guru, Vedic Jyotishi, Palmist, Numerologist, Advanced Scientific Remedial Vastu Expert, Super-Conscious Healing Expert, Master of Vedic Rituals, Mantra Vidya – Yagya – Rudraksha Therapist, Inspirational Speaker, Success Mentor and Self-Researcher of all CURES using COSMIC-ENERGIES.

Being the founder of ASAṄKA LIFE, ATHARVA SECRETS and SUPER-CONSCIOUS HEALING, the purpose of Arun Singh Kranti’s life is to Awaken the Supreme Inner-Self of his readers-audience-students-associates and clients.


Arun inspires, encourages and empowers people to achieve their personal and professional fulfilment and fortune. He guides people how to really live ‘in happiness’, and not only ‘for happiness’.

Arun keeps developing cures for most of the challenges of life. His aim is human-development (white sustaining the external nature and internal ecology), building resourceful-beliefs, exploring secrets of life and maintaining a sense of contribution (with growth). He has adopted the motto of life of Swami Vivekananda : “आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद्धिताय च”.


Arun teaches more than 300 modalities, techniques and methodologies for Total-Transformation. He has been helping and empowering people from all fields like students, teachers, parents, couples, sportspersons, corporate executives, healers, life-coaches and individuals. Now he has started offering free wellness and empowerment camps and workshops in various parts of India. He values the self-perfection in each one of us that keeps enriching everyone.

Arun’s writings are guided by Indian-Philosophy and Vedic School of thought.​

॥ ह्लीं ॥

Ultimate Cures for almost all the challenges perceived in the experience called LIFE

Jyotiṣa Mārgadarśana (guidance through Bhāratian Astrology), Living Mastery Mentoring, Coaching for Life-Coaches, Atharvā NLP (amalgamation of Neurolinguistic Programming and VedāntiK Secrets), MahāprāṇiK Healing, Daivajña Numeroscopy, Oriental Parenting, Vaidika Laws of Attraction Coaching, True-Success Mentoring, Vyaktitva Development Coaching, Family and Relationships Counselling, Corporate Counselling, Authors Mentoring, Sports Peak-Performance Counselling, Dhī-śakti Memory Mentoring, Vaidika Mathematics Tutoring, Antaḥ Prājñatva Meditation Coaching, Reality Manifestation Coaching, Living-in-Happiness Coaching, Youniversal Laws of Leadership Coaching, Mudrā Healing, Mantra therapy, Palmistry, Kuṇḍalinī Research, Vaidika Pilgrimage Guide & Rudraksha-Healing.

Jīva SṛṣṭiŚiva Sṛṣṭi

[ सङ्कर-प्रतिबोधन → शङ्कर-अनुबोधन ]
Super-Powers of Human MIND (the reflected consciousness), the Power of BELIEF-SYSTEM and the Might of the Youniversal-Truths.

॥ ऐं ॥ BUDDHI ⇔ First Quadrant of Life

Oriental Secrets of Jyotish, Palmistry, Face-Reading and Numerology.
Specialized courses on Predictive Jyotish, Prashna-Kundali, Marriage Matching, Birth Time Rectification, Corporate Astrology, Face-Reading, Palmistry and Numerology in alignment with the tradition of Ancient Schools of Spiritual Sciences. The Tattva VASTU Program given by Arun Singh Kranti is a combination of the Ancient Indian Sthapatya Upa Veda and modern Vastu System. Through Tattva VASTU, we can harmonize the spiritual energies in a body, house, or workplace. Remedies without demolitions or reconstructions.
Along with this, the Atharva Healing Programs helps the learners to understand his own energy-vortex to be able to heal the mind, body & Spirit. 

॥ श्रीं ॥ VRDDHI ⇔ Third Quadrant of Life

The Spiritual Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a great tool to harness the Unlimited Powers of Meta-Conscious and Super Conscious Mind to achieve almost every possible ambition and to solve any kind of psychosomatic / psychological health challenge.
Arun Singh Kranti has discovered various modalities to resolve the uncontrolled habits / actions and obsessive behaviors.

Arun helps create practical, real-world, and spirituality-backed solutions to the challenges one might face of mind, body and emotions.

With Spiritual NLP, one can solve all the puzzles created by the deep-structure of his own Meta-Conscious mind.

॥ ह्रीं ॥ ŚUDDHI ⇔ Second Quadrant of Life

With the Supreme Life-Coaching Programs, Arun Singh Kranti helps his learners discover and develop the Unlimited Power and Potential that exists unexplored inside them.
He also helps people empower themselves to create innovative solutions and make mindful, resourceful and well-informed choices to improve their lives. The result-oriented techniques help people achieve personal and professional fulfillment and fortune.
Arun provides Peak Performance Coaching for sportspersons, athletes, business persons, people facing any kind of health-challenge, couples and students using various modalities.
Using the simple techniques given during our programs, one can easily unlock his hidden strengths that empower his mind and thus himself to be able to solve various challenges of life.

॥ क्लीं ॥ SIDDHI ⇔ Fourth Quadrant of Life

Arun Singh Kranti has discovered one of the highest Vedic Reality Bending (VRB) Methods called Brahmavarchas Energy Integration & Neurological Generation (B.E.I.N.G.) and Sacred, Holistic, Atharvo-Impuslic Law of Attraction (S.H.A.I.L.A.)

One can learn to MANIFEST Anything in the YOUNIVERSE using Vedic Secrets of the SubConscious Wish-Tree and the SuperConscious Mystic-Mirror.

Bhāratīyana Route-Map of Manifestation :
Sub Conscious ~ Easy Flowing Thoughts with Pranic Energy ⟶ Integral Congruence ⟶ Internal VAK / Internal Dialogue ⟶ Kriyamana Energy ⟶ Measurement / Observation ⟶ Manifestation / Result / Matter.

अविद्यया मृत्युं तीर्त्वा

The Secret of Success

Sadhna Training

Seekers are given initiations and trainings of various spiritual methods of Self-Realization. We have rediscovered the ancient practices of Sri-Vidya (श्रीविद्या) Maha Sadhna. We organize Sadhna Camps and Workshops for practical experience of sadhaks.


Yajnas are sacred, scientific and spiritual fire-sacrifice processes that utilize the divine properties of various combinations of herbs and products of medicinal plants when they get energized with the Agni-Vidya and the spiritual-sonic vibrations of the Mantras.

Cosmic Store

Our COSMIC STORE provides wide range of Rudrakshas, Gemstones, Divine Malas, Pooja Yantras, Kavach, Vastu Remedy Products and Paarad Products.

For details, please visit

Samyaka Yatra

 A Pilgrimage Guide dedicated to the cleanliness, purity and sanctity of the Teerth-Sthals throughout Bharat.
We have been travelling across the nation to research about the hidden “Shakti Sthals” or “Maha Teerths” of this great nation.

Memory Power Program

Super-Learner / Memory Master Module 

In this program, students learn how to Control their memory.
i.e. What to retain forever, what for sometime and what to forget. 

Vedic Mathematics

The special form of Mathematical Rules as discovered by the Indian Monk Sri Swami Bharati Krishna Tirtha Ji which was first published in 1965. It contains a list of mental calculation techniques based on the Vedic Sutras


One of the big mission of COSMiCURE INDIA is to promote spiritualism through Greenery and Greenery through spiritualism attaining the ultimate goal of Nature’s Rebirth.

I am drafting my plan for The Divine Parks Project, The Temple of Nature, Van Raksha Abhiyaan, Harit Samkranti Abhiyan, Green Lines Project, Panchavati project, Ayushya Vatikas Pariyojna & Agro-Objective Mission and soon will start implementing them.

Santati Saṃvardhana Śikṣā

Seekers are given initiations and trainings of various spiritual methods of Self-Realization. We have rediscovered the ancient practices of Sri-Vidya (श्रीविद्या) Maha Sadhna. We organize Sadhna Camps and Workshops for practical experience of sadhaks.


The Secret of Success

Vedic and Vedanta Courses

Master KRANTI has been doing research on some specific Vedic and Vedantic Knowledge for more than 15 years.

He has launched more than 23 Special Courses under the banner of COSMiCURE INDIA and ASK GURUKUL. 

Cosmos Care

Various projects have been accomplished for the proposed International Alliance of Spiritual Masters and Healers to protect our Earth.

Healing Shaktipaat

We offer Distance Aura Analysis & Healing, Scanning the Positive/Negative energies of any organism or material, Healing Shaktipaat and try to provide spiritual protections to people, homes & other domains.

Chetna Samskara

This is one of the most important missions of COSMiCURE INDIA. The Sanskrit word “Garbh” means “foetus in the womb” and Sanskar means “providing consciousness, purifying and educating the mind”. It is believed that a child’s sub-conscious, mental and behavioural development starts in the “Garbh” itself. His neurological alignments and personality begin to take shape in the womb, and this can be affected by the mother’s state of sub-conscious mind during pregnancy period. For this, various spiritual and scientific techniques have been given by our sages.

Rudra-Aksha Therapy

Rudraksha, रूद्राक्ष (Lord Rudra’s teardrops), is a seed traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism (espcially Shaivism). The seed is produced by several species of large evergreen broad-leaved tree in the genus Elaeocarpus, with Elaeocarpus ganitrus being the principal species. They are associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and are commonly worn for protection by his devotees. The seeds are primarily used in India and Nepal as beads for organic jewellery and malas, and are valued similarly to semi-precious stones. Various meanings and potencies are attributed to beads with different numbers of segments (faces), and rare or unique beads are highly prized and valuable.

Mantra Vigyan & Vedic Rituals

Atharva ARUN has expertise in all sorts of Vedic, Pauranik and other “Shastrokt Rituals” including all type of Samskaras, all types of Poojas, Paaths, Anushthaans, Sadhnaas for specific purposes, Navagraha Shanti Prakaranam, Maha Mrityunjai Jaaps, Rudrabhishekams, Vastu Pooja, Mahalakshmi ~ Ganapati ~ Kuber Chaitanya Pooja, Baglamukhi Prayog, Chamunda Anusandhaanam & Kuldevi Deta Poojas etc.

Along with this, Atharva Arun has re-discovered all the 64 types of Hawan, yajna (yagna) and Agnihotras for various spiritual and material purposes.

Samyaka Krānti 

Saṁkrānti is an eternal vision to eliminate corruption, vulgarity, violence, terrorism, starvation, poverty, pollution, inferiority complex and all types of crimes completely from Bhāratam, to remake Bhāratam a paradise, a super power of world, to make Bhāratam regain its Viśva-Guru honor, to remake Bhāratam a golden bird, to preserve our Vedic Culture and traditions, promote Dharma, to re-establish the dream system of Rām Rājya, to protect our Bhāratam from all destructive forces and to make Bhāratam lock – free.

Bhāratarṣi Gurukula

Guru – Shishya Parampara
To re-establish the Pure Bharatian Gurukul Tradition.
Bhakti Yoga
To awaken the Ultimate POWER OF BHAKTI.
Dhyan Dharana Samadhi
112 types of Meditations and Darana~Samadhi Avastha Anusandhaanam.
Kundalini Awakening
To activate or awaken the SUPREME PRIMAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY located at the base of the spine. 
De-Coding Shastras
Deep research on Bharatian Shastras and re-establish their secret knowledge.
Vijñānaṃ Brahma
Research on Vedic Science & Technology.

Get Direct Guidance from A.S.K.


हस्त जातकम् Course

Ancient Tattva Palmistry

फलित जातकम् Course

Predictive Jyotisha Program

अङ्क जातकम् Course

Oriental Himalayan Numerology

Sol Secrets Program

Sun Salutation Yoga Mastery

Vedic Living Mastery

Indological Secret of a Fulfilled Life

Yajñopathī Course

Agni Vidya Mastery

Superconscious Manifestation Mastery

Chaitya Śakti Jāgaraṇa

Spiritual NLP

En structuring Mastery  

Inner Awakening Program

Kuṇḍalinī Jāgaraṇa

Dhyāna Ānanda Secrets Program

Chid-Dhyāna Secrets

Muhurta Māṅgalya Course

Time Mastery

Creative Visualization

Prātibhāsika Satyāpana

Learning & Unlearning Mastery

Perception Mastery

Divine De-Anchoring Program

Control Your Triggers

Quantum Academic Mastery

Scholar’s Secrets Program

Memory Mastery

Ancient Indian Smruti Shāstra

Meta-Conscious Mastery

Deep-Structure Mastery

Freedom Vidyā

Ārjunī Vidyā

Past Perfection Program

Disempowering Painful Memories

Immunity Mastery

Vajrāṅga Vidyā

Śrī Siddhi Program

Mega Abundance Mastery

Traditional Life Coaching

Bhāratīyana Mentorship Program

Kāmayābi Secrets Program

NLP for All

Tathastu Secrets Program

Kalpataru Vidyā

Decision Mastery Course

De-Caedere Secret

AIM Game Supercode

Ultimate Goal Setting

Relationship Mastery

Sambandha Siddhi

Atharvā Manomayī Healing

Achyuta Vidyā

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Famous Quotes by Arun Singh Kranti 

“You are a Demi-GOD in this transactional and waking reality.”

“Every ’cause’ needs to ‘be cause’ as it has to be a ‘be-cause’ of a ‘why’, the ’cause’ of which this ’cause’ acts as an ‘effect’, that, ‘if acts’, ’causes’ itself to be cause of a new ‘be-cause’.”

“With-in ‘these’ Infinite skies, ‘This’ Eternal-Truth lies..
Who sees it all?
Varuna has a thousand eyes, Indra, a hundred, big,
And I, only THREE,
and not ‘that’ small !”

“Could you ever know how red that apple really was?
The reception and the perception have never met…
..for what you see, is what you get.”

“Reality veils the Truth… and to reveal the screen, shut the projection.” 

“Highest Projectional Reality : What you ‘meter’, ‘matters’.

“Every “Problem” is “Pro-blame”
There’s where it’d begun